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"The Victorian Magazine"

The Illustrated London News - November 22nd 1856

is a free magazine based on the weekly editions of The Illustrated London News from around 1842 , it is intended as a resource for scholars, genealogists and the general public, with births
marriages and deaths, and a veritable cornucopia of delighful and dark victorian news stories with
adverts and full of wood engravings of historic events with something for everyone from Music to
Chess and Art to Politics not forgetting all things Scientific and Gory...

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iln page 1 TN

Page 1. Social Corruption, Fire at the Central District Schools, Sutton HP

iln page 2 TN

Page 2. Foreign and Colonial news :- France, The Neufchatel question, Spain and the Western Alliance, A hostile Collision with Russia, The war with Persia,

iln page 3 TN

Page 3.Foreign and Colonial news :- (cont..) The Eastern question, Australia - Safety of the "James Baines", Fillibuster government in Nicaragua, America-The election of Mr Buchanan, The Seven Towers. Other news The Australian mails, Steam navagation in Russia, Opening the new entrance to St James's Park, The Nulli Secundus Club, Will tea be cheaper?, Obituary of Eminent persons :- The Prince of Leiningen, Lord Scarsdale, Sir E. S. Gooch. bart, and Wills - various. Country news:-Meteorlogical observations at the Highfield house observatory near Nottingham, Grand masonic ceremony in Leicester, A grand Ball at Reading, Mr Kossuth at Bolton, Dr Brady and his constituents, Extraordinary murder of Mr little of the Irish Midland Railway, Murder of his son by a dissenting Minister (Charles Forrester, Serious Railway accident Dunkert

iln page 4 TN

Page 4. Inundations in India: Tree of refuge engraving , Travelers Overtaken by the Inundation, Destruction of Derah Ghazee Khan

iln page 5 TN

Page 5. View of a Branch of the Ganges, Near Rajmahal FP engraving

iln page 6 TN

Page 6 Calendar for the week, Times of High Water at London bridge, Adverts for ILN Xmas edition + ILN editorial, The Court, Other News:-Death of Prince Woronzow, Candidates for Southampton, Sir John Pakington's visit to Manchester, Income tax collectors Liverpool, A French Romance (M.. Wolfid's gothic Chateau), The stae of trade in Lancashire

iln page 7 TN

Page 7. Metropolitan news:- The late attorney general, The late Lord mayor, The late lord Dudley Stuart, Destructive fire in the city (Doctors common), Park for Finsbury, Confirmation of the Bishop of London, Extraordinary scene at St. Paul's Knightsbridge, High price of Land, The Royal British Bank, Another fraud on the Great Northern Railway, Lamentable accident at Hackney Wick on tow path of canal 3 lives lost (Chubb), National Sports : Shrewsbury Autumn meeting, Town and Table talk, Routledge's Shakespeare, Sacred Harmonic society

iln page 8 Double Page

iln page 9 Double page

Page 8 and 9. The Vintage in France by Gustave Dore Double Page engraving

iln page 10 TN

Page 10. Poem- Song of the Vintage in France by EL Hervey, The french vintage report, Naval and Military Intelligence and Turkish finance news, The great Gold Robbery on South Eastern Railway 1855, A newspaper revolution, Ominous of a severe winter, Notes of the week and Isthmus of Darien

iln page 11 TN

Page 11. Music, The theatres:- Princess', Sadler's Wells, Lyceum, Adelphi, Haymarket, Astley's, Standard. Gallery of Illustration, Important to carriers and railway companies, Supply of water to the Metropolis (The new river head works) The First Day of the Season by John Leech

iln page 12 TN

Page 12.The New River Head Works - HP engraving, Service Reservoir of the New River Company, Claremont-Square Pentonville HP engraving

iln page 13 TN

Page 13. The New River Works, Stoke Newington: The Engine-House and Reservoirs HP engraving, Statue of Captain Coram , Erected at the Foundling Hospital, On Monday Last sm engraving, Ornamental Spade Used in Commencing the Central Dorset Railway sm engraving

iln page 14 TN

Page 14. Commencement of the Dorset central Railway, Sketches in Moscow :- The rag market, Street Sentinel, Istvostchik and Drosky, Telascha other news:- Board of inland revenue, British institution-The school of design, The King of 'Macaroni', Accident to Mr Horsman M.P., Lord Ernest Vane Tempest, Escape of 287 slaves Albany, Another Austrain loan, Crimea soldiers in New York, The health of London. Monetary transactions of the week, The markets, The London Gazette, Bankrupts, Births and Deaths

iln page 15 TN

Page 15. Amusements etc, new Books etc., New music Etc and many interesting classified adverts

iln page 16 TN

Page 16. Sketches of Moscow: enravings .. Rag and Secondhand Market, Moscow, Street Sentinel, at Moscow, Telashca or Merchants Car, and Istvostchik and Drosky, Moscow

iln page 17 TN

Page 17. Investiture of the Sultan with the Order of the Garter - Insignia of the Order of the Garter for the Sultan engraving. other engravings The Castle of Roumili Hissar, on the Bosphorus - from a sketch by Captain Montagu O'Reilly, Graves of Admiral Boxer, Etc., in the Cemetery in Balaclava Heights . Canada grand trunk railway

iln page 18 TN

Page 18. Leopold Redpath - The frauds on the Great Northern Railway, Another fraud of several thousans of ponds by John William Stuart of Deptford, Epitome of news - Foreign and Domestic

iln page 19 TN

Page 19. A day on the Downs - The Brighton and Brookside harriers and horses, The Fashions, other news..Revival of the slave trade..Wlaker and Nicaragua, The Russian railway group, Marlborough House - The Turner Collection (concluding notice)

iln page 20 TN

Page 20. engravings "Daddy", the Esquimaux Dog of H.M.S. "Enterprise" , Sent in Search of Sir John Franklin ..Bullet, Shell, and Section, Rifle Practice in Kurrachee, in Scinde . Poem air The first day of the season

iln page 21 TN

Page 21. The first day of the season FP engraving by John Leech engraved by swain?

iln page 22 TN

Page 22. Memorabilia - Literary, Antiquarian, Scientific and Artistic. Notes - The Dunmow Flitch, Remarkable Duels . Queries and Answers. To correspondents. Chess including chess problem 666 by CMB of Dundee

iln page 23 TN

Page 23. Full page of Classified Adverts

iln page 24 TN

Page 24. another Full page of Classified Adverts