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The Illustrated London News - March 15th 1856

is a free magazine based on the weekly editions of The Illustrated London News from around 1842 , it is intended as a resource for scholars, genealogists and the general public, with births
marriages and deaths, and a veritable cornucopia of delighful and dark victorian news stories with
adverts and full of wood engravings of historic events with something for everyone from Music to
Chess and Art to Politics not forgetting all things Scientific and Gory...

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FP March 15 1856

Page 1. The new education scheme - Front page engraving "The Seige of Sebastopol - The interior of the redan - from a photograph by Robertson (see next page)

iln page 2 TN

Page 2. Foreign and Colonial news :- France, The Great Kustendjeh Canal - Mr Forbes Campbell, The War in the Crimea, The Flying squadron in the Baltic, America, Education in Austria, A ticklish experiment (experiment with Nicotine),

iln page 3 TN

Page 3 Notes of the Week, The Madrid Gazette, Should sisters of Charity be admitted to the Workhouse?, Country News - Meteorological observations at the Highfield House observatory, Near Nottingham - Representation of Sligo - Capture of a Ribbon Gang - Death by a cricket ball (Henry Simpson aged 9) - Alleged poisoning in Lanarkshire (Archibald Rollo and Mary Smith charged) - Seizure of adulterated flour at Goole (Messrs Rhodes and Rockett) - Daring escape from the York House of correction (John Lyons) - Singular confirmation of a dream (ref a murder involving Richard Rayne and John cain and Mr Stirling - Poisoning of a wife by Strychnine (ref William and Harriet Dove), Warlike preparations of Persia, Mr George Bidder on mental calculation

iln page 4 TN

Page 4. Mr George Bidder on mental calculation ...cont Mr George Bidder, C.E. from a daguerreotype by Mayall, Royal Dublin Society - Foundation of the new museum of Natural History (engraving of The lord Lieutenant laying the foundation stone of the New Museum at Dublin), Picco the Sardinian Minstrel (engraving Picco from a photograph by John Watkins

iln page 5 TN

Page 5. Dinner given by Frances marchioness of Londonderry to Pitmen on Chilton Moor FP engraving and article about Seaham, Sunderland, Durham

iln page 6 TN

Page 6 Dinner given by Frances marchioness of Londonderry to Pitmen on Chilton Moor article about Seaham, Sunderland, Durham...cont including John Cuthbertson giving the response, Calendar for the week, Times of High Water at London bridge, List of engravings in this weeks ILN + ILN editorial, The Late Election for Boston,

iln page 7 TN

Page 7. Metropolitan news:- The Dulwich College charity meeting at the Adelphi theatre, Dinner to American minister (Mr Buchanan) at the Mansion House, Excursion Tickets Mr Mogg sues South Western Railway, Statistical society, Naval and Military Intelligence, Town and Table Talk on Literature Art etc, The Raglan memorial, Fire at Mr Scott Russell's shipyard Millwall, Epitome of News - Foreign and domestic - including... Quartz rocks impregnated with gold have been discovered in Argyllshire

iln page 8 Double Page

iln page 9 Double page

Pages 8 and 9. The Peace Conference at Paris (see next page) around the table Aali pacha, Baron de Bourqueney, Count Walewski, Lord Cowley, Count Buol, Earl of Clarendon, Baron Brunnow, Count De Cavour and Count Orloff Double Page engraving by W. Thomas

iln page 10 TN

Page 10. The Peace Conferences (see previous page engraving), Obituary of Eminent Persons - Lieut-general Sir John Hunter Littler G.C.B. - General George Wright - J.R.Campbell Esq., Imperial Parliament - House of Lords Monday - House of Commons Monday (Mr Herbert Ingram took the oaths and his seat for Boston 10th march) House of Lords Tuesday (The defective Mortars) - House of Commons Tuesday - House of Commons Wednesday (reformatory schools Scotland Bill)House of Lords Thursday (The Baltic Fleet), The inquest on Mr Sadleir, Messrs Strahan, Paul and Bates -

iln page 11 TN

Page 11. , The theatres:- ', , , , Haymarket, The East End, Music (Concert given by Madame Goldschmidt-Lind and husband for the Nightingale fund), National Sports - Warwick spring meeting - Salisbury Races, The destruction of Covent Garden Theatre

iln page 12 TN

Page 12.The Burning of Covent-Garden Theatre (see preceeding page) - FP engraving

iln page 13 TN

Page 13. The Ruins of Covent-Garden TheatreVisit of her majesty and the Princess Royal - FP engraving

iln page 14 TN

Page 14. The Court - The Levee - The Princess Royal , Churches- Universities etc., The cheap newspaper (referring to Liverpool Times and the Liverpool Standard, Monetary transactions of the week, The Markets, The London Gazette - Bankruptcy - Births- Marriages - Deaths, The Boston Election - Official declaration of the Poll - Meeting in the Corn Exchange

iln page 15 TN

Page 15. Amusements etc, new Books etc., New music Etc and many interesting classified adverts

iln page 16 TN

Page 16. Boston Election - meeting in the Corn Exchange HP enraving .Boston Election declaration of the poll HP engraving

iln page 17 TN

Page 17. Scene from the new play of "The first printer," at the Princess' Theatre HP engraving. New iron and glass warehouse at Glasgow HP engraving

iln page 18 TN

Page 18. New iron and glass warehouse at Glasgow..article from previous page, Malta Feb 13th, Medal of the Royal National Life boat institution, Spanish Banditti, Avalanche in Switzerland, Water communicationbetween the Baltic and Black Seas, The White Sea blockade, The Concordant in Tuscany, Russian preparations for war ---- Notices of New Inventions by John Bourne, C.E. Ploughing by steam - Mine explosions caused by revolving storms - Improved blowing engines - Circular weaving - Deschamps and Velcoq's diving boat - Improvements in hollow shot and shells - The Pantanemhyde propeller, Russian Serfs, Exhaustion of Indian Forests, The Russians in the Pacific, Russian trade through Prussia, Russian Intrigue -

iln page 19 TN

Page 19. Fashion in Floriculture - TulipoMania etc, Lord John Russell's resolutions on education, Wills, Charitable bequests, Moustache worn by the clergy - episcopal wig, Brigandage in Greece

iln page 20 TN

Page 20. The council of war at Paris DP engraving (attending are Admiral Sir Edmund Lyons - Admiral Hamblin - Admiral Sir R. Dundas - General de La Marmora - General Bosquet - Prince Napoleon - Duke of Cambridge - The Emperor - Prince Jerome Bonaparte - General Canrobert - Sir Harry Jones

iln page 21 TN

Page 21.The council of war at Paris DP engraving (attending are Admiral Sir Edmund Lyons - Admiral Hamblin - Admiral Sir R. Dundas - General de La Marmora - General Bosquet - Prince Napoleon - Duke of Cambridge - The Emperor - Prince Jerome Bonaparte - General Canrobert - Sir Harry Jones

iln page 21 TN>

Page 22 The Council of war at Paris ....article, Joint Stock Companies, The case of Captain Donellan, The slave trade on the Brazilian coast, Suspected American privateers in Rio, The United States Navy, The cruise in search of the "Pacific", Literature - Ancient armour and weapons in Europe by John Hewitt and J.H and J. Parker - Here and there in Portugal by Hugh Owen - The currency question.... by George Combe, Queries and Answers To Correspondents.

iln page 23 TN

Page 23 Memorabilia - Literary - Antiquarian - Scientific and Artistic - Notes - Answers, Chess including chess problem 630 by H Turton and solution of problem 628

iln page 24 TN>

Page 24. Another Full page of Classified Adverts including The Staunton Chess men in Ebony and Boxwood from 15s a set